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Set Up and Coach Worksheet BUNDLE

This bundle provides you with 15 different resources to help you set up and coach! From client intake forms to coaching resources and worksheets for clients to complete, it’s everything to get you started working with clients — without having to take the time to create them all yourself!

Plus, you can customize the files by adding your brand name, website, etc. Included in this bundle:

  1. Powerful Questions for Coaches: A Resource                      
  2. Intake Session Form
  3. Welcome Letter fillable Template                                                        
  4. Client Agreement fillable Template
  5. Goals Worksheet: 3 Ways to Write Goals 
  6. Wheel of Life Assessment 
  7. Define Your Success Criteria Worksheet 
  8. Priorities Map Tool  
  9. Problem Solving Worksheet (Convergent/Divergent Thinking) 
  10. Habit Change Worksheet 
  11. 6 Daily Questions for Habit Change 
  12. GROW Coaching Model & Worksheet 
  13. Growth Mindset Concept and Worksheet                                                    
  14. 50 Inspirational Quotes on Coaching, Mentoring 
  15. Success Meditation (.mp3 audio and accompanying worksheets)

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