How to Create Really Amazing Hashtags to get Your Business Noticed

There’s a rumor going around that hashtags are dead. Say what?!* I’d like to challenge whoever made such a silly statement!

Hashtags remain a powerful tool that:
– makes you more discoverable
– makes it easier for your ideal customer to find you/your product/your service
– drives traffic
– filters information
– explores relevant subject matter
– finds specific content
– allows people to find interesting information
– categorizes your brand
–  aids analyzing your competition
– creates visibility for a cause, promotion, sale, or special offering
–  expands engagement with your target market

These benefits also give your target market something they’re always looking for…time! So, be very intentional with your hashtag choices.

Be intentional with your hashtag choices.

Almost 10 years ago, I became a business coach. I had much to learn. Amongst other marketing strategies, I didn’t fully appreciate the power of hashtags. I understood that I needed to use them, but recognizing their influence wasn’t in my wheelhouse…yet!

I developed a powerful tag line, “TOGETHER, we’ll move mountains!”© which continues to resonate with target market, but that’s too long for a hashtag. What would my branded hashtag be? I tested #MoveMountains.

I used #MoveMountains on business cards, brochures, and social media posts. Every presentation and training I performed I ensured that #MoveMountains was prevalent. I found ways to weave “move mountains” into conversations. My out-of-the-office email signature stated, “While I’m away, I hope you #MoveMountains.” My text signature included #MoveMountains. Like the Franks Red Hot tag line, “I put that $#!t on everything.”

My husband and I could barely leave the house without someone commenting, “Hey, are you still moving mountains?” or “Keep moving those mountains!” John and I often joked that #MoveMountains was a celebrity in our rural Ohio, USA community.

I quickly learned that #MoveMountains made me and my business notable, recognizable, and memorable. It was then that I began researching and studying how important hashtags are to growing a business.

Think of hashtags as keywords in your favorite search engine.

I’m often asked, “How do I know what hashtags to use?” and “How do I know if a hashtag is working?” Think of hashtags are keywords in your favorite search engine. The simple answer is you start digging!

Go to the social media sites where your target market hangs out and start a list hashtags that fit your brand and industry. Review the most popular ones, which of those could you incorporate? Also, think of a problem you solve and your business’ tagline. What unique, identifiable hashtags could evolve? Stalk your competitors [online only, of course], what hashtags are they using?

I’m not suggesting that you use all the most popular hashtags or copy and paste your competition’s hashtags. What am recommending is that you use a mix of popular, relevant, and branded hashtags.

In the business coaching industry…

A popular hashtag is #BuildingABusiness
A relevant hashtag is #BusinessCoach
A branded hashtag is #AngieGiltner

I suggest having 5-10 hashtags with a mixture of tested popular, relevant, and branded that are consistently used keeps you notable, recognizable, and memorable. Adding hashtags for relevant holidays, special offers, shout outs, etc. are fun and keeps the conversation with your target market going.

Pro Tip: If you’re a personal brand, one of your hashtags should be your name. If you’re a business, one of your hashtags should be your business name.

Until next time, I hope you #MoveMountains!

Angie Giltner
Author: Angie Giltner

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